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spots and freckles What are the 5 measures to prevent UV rays?


UV rays are the main cause of spots and freckles. Recently I’ve started to be particularly interested in it, and I’ve investigated it, so I’ve summarized it here.Even if I lamented, “When I was younger, I used to go to Sunburn salon (-_-;)”, but if I had already bask in the sun,Too late now.. .. However, the damage to the skin caused by UV rays can be improved to some extent with food, so please refer to it if you are interested.


Causes of  spots and freckles

Properties of the skin: The skin is composed of layers such as “epidermis”, “dermis”, “subcutaneous tissue” from the outside, but when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, cells called melanocytes in the “epidermis” are called black pigment called melanin. And scatter on surrounding epidermal cells. This is an action to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, and if the metabolism of skin cells is active, the cells containing melanin will also peel off as dirt.
Causes of spots and freckles… When melanin is overproduced or the metabolism rhythm is disturbed by exposure to a large amount of ultraviolet rays for a long period of time, melanin remains in the epidermis and collects and becomes a stain.
Causes of spots…aging, melanin pigment deposition
Freckle factor…Aging, melanin pigment deposition ※It is considered that there are many genetic factors.

 Two types of UVA and UVB

There are two types of ultraviolet rays that are the direct cause of spots and freckles.

UVA = “Life UV”

Although it does not have a sudden effect, it has 10 times the amount of UVB and is pouring all year round. UVA is often taken in daily life such as shopping and drying laundry, and if it is taken for a long time, it reaches the dermis and is said to cause aging of the skin (spots, wrinkles, etc.).

UVB = “Leisure UV”

It is strong in energy, causes skin irritation in a short time, and causes sunburn, a bright red tan in the sea in the summer.
Sunburn is the burn on the skin caused by ultraviolet rays.

What are the effective nutrients for spots and freckles?

  • Vitamin C
Lemon, strawberry, orange, kiwi, persimmon, tomato, cucumber, radish, cabbage, broccoli, etc.
  • Vitamin E
Pumpkin, avocado, kiwi, eel, cod roe, horse, almonds, peanuts, sesame, vegetable oil, etc.
  • β-carotene
Carrot, spinach, paprika
  • Good quality protein
Fish, dairy products, eggs, soy products

Five measures to prevent ultraviolet rays

① Wear clothes in a color that does not block ultraviolet rays.
(Dark clothes such as black, red and blue)
② Take one long-sleeved jacket and go out.
(Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible on the skin)
③ Select the time to go out.
(Peak: 9am to 3pm)
④ Use a hat or parasol.
(A black one is effective)
⑤ Use sun oil to prevent UV rays.
(UVA=PA is effective, UVB=SPF is effective)

Of course, the biggest measure is not to be exposed to ultraviolet rays. .. ..


We hope that it will be useful for everyone.